FreezePro™ 5-Gallon Drum Lid FPDL5




The FreezePro™ 5-Gallon Drum Insulation Lid FPDL5  is used in conjunction with the FreezePro™ Drum Insulation Jackets FPD4515 and FPD4515-HE-C-01 and the Ranco ETC Single State Temperature Control-NEMA Type 4X. The FreezePro™ 5-Gallon Lid FPDL5 must be purchased separately.

FreezePro® Frost Protection Systems are designed to meet the most rigorous storage and temperature requirements of most industrial fluids or substances. They offer an all-in-one energy efficient system that increases revenues and improves operational efficiencies. All are removable, reusable and weather resistant. They are long lasting, durable, UV stable and 100% asbestos free.

Unlike most removable insulation systems, FreezePro® Frost Protection Systems come in standard, universal sizes that are available for off-the-shelf delivery. FreezePro® Frost Protection Systems are designed to fit an array of sizes — and can be used on almost any application that requires freeze or frost protection; temperature or chemical stability; and stress-free bonding or flexible encapsulation.

When used as a preventive maintenance product, FreezePro® Frost Protection Systems pay for themselves immediately upon the first freeze of winter. Few prevention type products will pay for themselves as quickly and with as little upfront effort, as FreezePro®.

And there is no equipment downtime when installing FreezePro® products. They are simple and quick to install without tools!

PRICE: $95.00



Size: 15 in diameter. Each side cover has a 6-in drum flap around the edges

Insulation Material: EPDM Rubber Foam

Outer Material: PVC Fabric

Color: Black

Thickness: 0.5 in

Weight: 4 lbs

Approx “R” Factor: .48

Install: FreezePro™ How to Install Worksheet

Measure: FreezePro™ Drum How to Measure

Warranty/Returns: Read More

Other Data: FreezePro™ FAQs; Safety Data Sheets

Related Products: FreezePro™ Drum Insulation Jackets FPD4515 and FPD4515-He-C-01; Ranco ETC Single State Temperature Control NEMA Type 4X

Industrial Uses:  Agriculture & Farm Equipment; Flavor & Fragrances; Food & Beverage; Industrial Packaging & Hardware; Intemediate Bulk Container & Tote Tank; Lubricant & Petrochemical; Pharmaceutical; Reconditioned Drum; Small Container; Stainless Steel Drum; Steel Drum; and Transpiration & Tank.

Price: $95.00

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