FreezePro™ 55-Gallon Drum Insulation Jacket & ETC Temp Controller 78 in x 34 in FPD7834-HE-C-01

SKU: FPD7834-HE-C-01


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The FreezePro™ 55-Gallon Jacket Controller comes with the Ranco ETC Single State Temperature Control-NEMA Type 4X, a microprocessor-based electronic temperature control designed to provide on/off control for commercial heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. This provides temperature stability for temperature-sensitive products including chemicals, fluids and bulk materials in drums during their transport, handling and storage. They maintain desired temperatures through an evenly heated area, keeping chemicals and other industrial materials within customer-defined temperature ranges. They are recommended for applications ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to 200°F (93°C). The FreezePro™ 55-Gallon Jacket Controller FPD7834-HE-C-01 is designed for use with FreezePro™ Drum Insulation Lid FPDL24, which must be purchased separately.

PRICE: $995.00


SKU: FPD7834-HE-C-01

Size: 78-in Circumference. Length, 78 in, Height 34 in

Insulation Material: EDPM Rubber Foam

Jacket Material: PVC Fabric

Color: Black

Thickness: 0.5 in

Weight: 15 lbs

Watts: 540

Voltage: 120 volts, 240 volts

Fastening System: Nylon Webbing Straps, Plastic Side-Release Buckles

Approx “R” Factor: .48

Temperature Range: -40°F /-40°C to 200°F /93°C

Circumference Range: 036-72 in

Power Cord Type: (18 AWG) 3-Prong Grounded Plug

Heating Cable Length: 720 in

Cold Lead Length: 34.4 in

Install: FreezePro™ How to Install Worksheet

Measure: FreezePro™ Drum How to Measure

Warranty/Returns: Read More

Other Data: FreezePro™ FAQs; Safety Data Sheets

Related Products: FreezePro™ Drum Insulation Lid FPDL24

Industrial Uses:  Agriculture & Farm Equipment; Flavor & Fragrances; Food & Beverage; Industrial Packaging & Hardware; Intemediate Bulk Container & Tote Tank; Lubricant & Petrochemical; Pharmaceutical; Reconditioned Drum; Small Container; Stainless Steel Drum; Steel Drum; and Transpiration & Tank.


Ranco ETC Temperature Controller

The Ranco ETC is a microprocessor-based electronic temperature control designed to provide on/off control for commercial heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and display (LCD) that provides a constant readout of the sensed temperature, and a touch keypad that allows the user to easily and accurately select the set point temperature, differential and heating/cooling mode of operation. The ETC NEMA Type 4X control can accept either 120 or 208/240 VAC input power.

Temperature Range: -30°F to 220°F

Differential Range: 1°F to 30°F

Input Voltage: 120 or 208/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Pilot Duty: 125 VA at 120/208/240 VAC

Sensor: Thermistor, 1.94in. long x 0.25in diameter with 8 ft. cable

Control Ambient Temperature (Operating): -20°F to 140°F (-29°C to 60°C)

Ambient Humidity: 0 to 95% RH(non-Condensing)

Enclosure: NEMA Type 4X Outdoor. Plastic

Dimensions: 6.52 in high x 2.7 in wide x 2.48 in deep

Weight: 2.88lbs / 1.31kg

Agency Approvals: UL listed file E94419, Guide XAPX, CSA certified, file LR68340, clas 4813 02

Optional Accessories: FreezePro™ Drum Insulated Lids

Price: $995.00


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