Non-vented DEF Spouts in boxes of 280



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Come in boxes of 280.

Standard DEF Spouts are available in different colors, size availability in 38mm, 45mm, 63mm, and standard non-vented tube. Customized DEF spouts are also available in 38mm, 45mm and 63mm DEF spouts.

Standard DEF spout features include an easy attachment to the bottle neck, smooth fluid flow, no leaks or spillage during dispensing, availability in different colors and sizes

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Did You Know?

Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) was developed after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began to require lower emissions in response to the major amendments to the Clean Air Act. In 2008, the EPA mandated all three-quarter ton and larger trucks have diesel particulate filters installed. In 2010 the EPA required that medium and heavy duty vehicles reduce engine emissions, thus creating a strong new DEF market. Significantly, this ruling required diesel engines to use DEF fluid to reduce harmful emissions.

DEF is dispensed by commercial fuel services outlets in 1 or 2.5 gallon jugs in many cases. Con-Tech supplies collapsible, standard and vented DEF spouts in 1, 2, 2.5 and 5 gallon jugs. Struggling with how to choose the right DEF supplier for your business? Check out our latest video on Let us provide DEF parts for your company. Contact Rob Evans III at:rgevans@con-techinternational.comor 504-523-4791

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