Sector: Container

Steel Drum

Steel drums are an essential American industry for which buyers carefully assess every detail. Steel drums have the lowest insurance rates for shipping containers since the U.S. Department of Transportation incident rates indicate they are the safest containers. Steel drums in various sizes and configurations have many practical uses in industry. They also have been…Read More

Why Use JIT Delivery for Industrial Packaging

Transportation and Tank

Con-Tech custom manufacturing supplies the transportation and tank industries with a wide range of products. Our air brake tank fittings and gas cylinder flanges are produced by Con-Tech’s global sourcing suppliers in China, Taiwan, India, and elsewhere, many of whom are ISO certified. And the FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems can be found on a variety…Read More

Poly Tank

Con-Tech’s procurement outsourcing provides the best poly tank fittings and closures for industrial packaging. …Read More

drum reconditioning

Reconditioned Drum

Con-Tech global sourcing offers a wide variety of reconditioned drum closures, parts, accessories and related services. We service a multi-national with 180 global sites in manufacturing, reconditioning, recycling and reselling industrial containers. They are the largest reconditioner in North America with 50 facilities in the U.S. and Canada offering collection, laundry, drying, testing, repair and return…Read More

tote tank IBC

Intermediate Bulk Container & Tote Tank

Con-Tech outsource manufacturing supplies the Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) and tote tank industry with the best of advanced technology for IBC parts and fittings with production under strict quality control. Our IBC parts and fittings are produced to satisfy the highest IBC industry standards. And the FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems can be found on a variety of tote tanks. Serving…Read More

How to Choose the Right DEF Spout Company

Small Container

Con-Tech procurement outsourcing provides components and parts as well as the FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems to the small container industry. A significant product, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Spouts, improves dispensing time for DEF additives and eliminates the need for vented jugs. Con-Tech’s small container DEF spouts bring the small container industry many significant features including easy attachment…Read More

Plastic Drum Storage Containers

Plastic Drum

Con-Tech offers a wide variety of plastic drum parts, closures and accessories including plugs, drum closures, and related items. Con-Tech drum cap seals are printable with your own logo, while a complete assortment of open head drum rings nuts and bolts also is available. Plastic Drum Procurement Including a Full Range of Tite Seal Products Plastics come in thousands…Read More

Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Drum

For almost forty years, Con-Tech procurement outsourcing has provided the stainless steel drum industry with reliable, cost-effective security through a wide variety of stainless steel drum products and services essential to the production of both open and closed head drums. The steel drum market is projected to grow 4.27% between 2021 to 2028 with North…Read More