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Closures, Steel and Spouts

Closures, steel and spouts are part of our DNA at Con-Tech. For almost forty years, Con-Tech has provided the drum industry with reliable parts….Read More

FreezePro™ Frost Protection Systems

The FreezePro™ Frost Protection System is an efficient heating solution which increases equipment lifespan while giving the most cost-effective method for minimizing damage caused by harsh or freezing temperatures….Read More

Reconditioned Drum Closures & Accessories

Con-Tech global sourcing offers a wide variety of reconditioned drum closures and accessories which we exclusively supply in the Americas for Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd., an ISO 9002 certified worldwide supplier of Tite-Seal™ plugs and Tite-Seal™ flanges.
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Steel Drum Closures and Accessories

Con-Tech offers a wide variety of steel drum closures and accessories including drum cap seals, steel drum nuts and bolts, steel drum metal ring accessories, nylon drum plugs, and plastic drum plugs, drum plug gaskets, drum paint caps, and drum cap seal crimping tools….Read More

Poly Tanks

Con-Tech’s global sourcing provides the best poly tank fittings and closures for industrial packaging and storage on the market today. …Read More

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Containers and Parts

Con-Tech provides Diesel Exhaust Fuel Spouts to improve dispensing time for DEF additives and eliminate the need for vented jugs. Con-Tech’s DEF spouts bring to you many significant features including easy attachment to the bottleneck, smooth fluid flow, no leaks or spillage during dispensing and availability in different colors. Con-Tech also has availability in customized DEF spouts as well.
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Fire Cabinet Vents

Con-Tech has been a supplier for flammable safety cabinet and chemical storage cabinet parts for many years, whether the cabinets are used for flammables, corrosives, pesticides or poisons….Read More

Fastener Kits

Con-Tech globally sourced custom fastener kits are composed of products made by our world-class, suppliers in China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere, many of whom are ISO certified. Our custom fastener kits include a variety of standard and custom fasteners, including related hardware items, all packaged in kit form and labeled according to customer requirements. Our custom…Read More

Steel & Brass Hose Adapters

Con-Tech’s outsource manufacturers from China, Taiwan, India and elsewhere, many of which are ISO certified, manufacture our brass hose adapters and fittings in large quantities including C360 brass hose adapters, menders, and nipples in multiple sizes….Read More

Steel Cylinder Fittings

Con-Tech procurement outsourcing offers an extensive range of steel gas cylinder flanges and fittings from a variety of world-class ISO certified global sources chosen for their ability to guarantee the highest quality and lowest cost available anywhere. …Read More