How Can I Get Parts Made for Me?

Do you wonder, “How can I get parts made for me?”
If one needs a part, prototype, or product made it would be very costly in time, manpower, equipment, and tooling to get up and running to make it. Hiring someone else to make it is both the solution and another problem because knowing where to go to get part or product manufacturing by an outside source is actually quite difficult.

Contract Manufacturers will solve your “get parts made for me” question

When one can’t or shouldn’t make their own parts, they have to outsource or get someone else to make stuff for them. These outsources are called contract manufacturers and there are many, but there are many who can leave you in the lurch. If one doesn’t know where to turn for contract manufacturing, one can get disappointed or burned. You don’t want that do you? Certainly not. So one could try a company somewhere to make parts for them, and then with unsatisfactory results try another somewhere else, and keep going until they give up, go broke, or hit the jackpot. Trial and error with different manufacturers would be overly expensive, unnecessarily frustrating, and inconsistencies of how and where something is produced can even tarnish a company’s reputation.

The question is really “get parts made for me” properly the first time

Rather than sacrificing something like the cost or quality of goods, or one’s reputation; rather than extending or delaying one’s time to market; contract manufacturing with a reputable, established company that can demonstrate competency in similar production can save you.

Heading out on one’s own to find that established, reputable contract manufacturer will likely take one outside of the traditional rules of business practiced by western companies. Overseas, in China for example, the supply chain can involve many different companies that work together in often informal relationships that would boggle the mind of the typical western executive.

Is your company going to contract manufacturing of certain stages or entire production in order to:

  • Reduce delays?
  • Quicken production?
  • Control manpower?
  • Eliminate training overhead?
  • Minimize tooling costs?
  • Focus resources on core business?
  • Produce with better quality?

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