Outsourced Custom Manufacturers

As one embarks on the string of arduous tasks associated with finding and contracting custom manufacturers overseas, they typically discover that it takes approximately 12 months from the beginning of their investigation to successfully outsource manufacturers of a part or product. In that amount of time, the opportunity to bring the part or product to market may be gone.

There are a lot of steps, functions, laws, and pitfalls to investigate, negotiate, and avoid. Before a company becomes capable of outsourcing, there are many hurdles to get around such as

  • the expertise to evaluate a supplier’s ability to meet requirements;
  • test prototypes before production;
  • create samples; and
  • fulfill the necessary logistical activities such as
    • arranging the transportation and
    • freight brokering.

Outsourcing to Custom Manufacturers

Outsourcing to custom manufacturers can give companies a competitive edge, but finding suitable contract manufacturers is an arduous task due to

  • language barriers,
  • cultural differences,
  • fluctuating exchange rates,
  • laws,
  • taxes,
  • trade restrictions, and
  • trust issues.
    • The road to outsourcing manufacturing is long and winding, and the road signs are usually not well marked. Choosing an experienced partner with well-established relationships overseas can make the experience both more profitable and more fulfilling.