Partner Up For Mutual Manufacturing Success

Whether you have a company already producing goods and are consider producing others, or are not making anything yet and wondering how you can, you should consider the following.

Rather than sacrificing something like the cost or quality of goods in a way that might tarnish your company or product’s name, or the time to market, it makes sense to contract manufacturing out to another company that can more quickly and effectively produce what is needed.

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Finding the best partner for your project(s) takes substantial work and the traditional rules of business do not apply. One must first and foremost understand that western companies operate differently than those overseas. In China for example, the supply chain can involve many different companies that work together in often informal relationships that would boggle the mind of the typical western executive.

We have written an ebook called Outsourcing Manufacturing – 7 Critical Pitfalls to Avoid, and you can download it free.

Nonetheless, it behooves most companies to contract manufacturing of certain stages or entire production in order to:
Focus resources on core business
Minimize tooling costs
Control manpower
Eliminate training overhead
Produce with better quality
Quicken production