Cylinder Fittings

There are many types of cylinder fittings in today’s market. Many companies make them and many more sell them. However, many do not know what cylinder fittings are for exactly. What is their purpose and why are they necessary? This article will attempt to explain their nature and purpose.

Gas Cylinders
To understand what cylinder fittings are and what they do, you must first understand what they’re used on. A fitting is used on a gas cylinder, which is basically a heavy-walled and pressurized metal air tank or container that is used to store gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide and liquefied petroleum gas at above the atmospheric pressure. Sometimes referred to as “gas tank” or simply “tank”, a gas cylinder is a high-pressure bottle of gas in layman’s terms. Gas cylinders have different uses, from paintball to scuba diving, as well as medical and industrial uses. These gas cylinders also come in different sizes and standards.

What are cylinder fittings and what are they for?
At the top of a gas cylinder is a stop valve that serves as an opening through which gas can be withdrawn for use. A valve also serves as a stopper to prevent the gas from leaking. In order to extract gas from the cylinder for use, a device with a pressure regulator, a needle valve, and an outlet connection must be connected to the valve. A cylinder fitting is the apparatus attached to the valve to allow the pressure-regulating assembly to connect to it. In a way, it serves an adapter for the regulator to connect to the gas cylinder valve since there are many types of valves and there are many types of regulators out there.

What are the different types of cylinder fittings?
There are different types of fittings available and each one of those types performs or serves a different purpose. There are 2-way and 3-way cylinder fittings or adapters that are used to either (1) allow the use of more than one pressure regulator, or (2) connect several gas cylinders with cylinder couplers so that they can be used in conjunction. There are also fittings that are used mainly for valves with protection guards. Fittings that allow a propane pressure regulator to connect to a butane gas cylinder are also available. There are also fittings that allow a carbon dioxide regulator to connect to an argon or argon mixture cylinder. Fittings either use a right- or left-hand thread.