3/4″ Tite Seal™ Nylon Plugs Box of 1000




with Buna Gasket, White Poly-irradiated gasket, Poly-irradiated Gasket, and EDM Gasket

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The nylon is FDA listed so it can be used with food products and it is FM approved fire rated. These 3/4″ Tite Seal™ Nylon Plugs will melt quickly when exposed to high temperatures releasing the pressure from the inside of the drum and avoiding an explosion.

Did You Know?

Steel drums have the lowest insurance rates for shipping containers since the U.S. Department of Transportation incident rates indicate they are the safest containers. . Steel drums provide safe transport for about 50 million tons of material worldwide each year.

Steel drums are the safest, most reliable packaging – with no legal time limit for transporting hazardous materials.

  • Fire resistant
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Unaffected by humidity/pressure variation
  • No UV deterioration or permeation of goods

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