Cam Lock Couplings – Cam and Groove

Cam Lock Couplings

The camlock is a leak resistant way of locking a grooved fitting tightly into a cam for a secure connection of hose to hose, or hose to pipe, or pipe to pipe on industrial steel drum containers and IBC tanks or totes.

Camlock Cam And Groove Fittings

Camlock – used to rapidly connect and disconnect hose or pipe fittings on industrial containers. Also called cam and groove fittings, or cam lock couplings, they are used in a wide variety of tote and drum applications for storage and transportation of liquid and dry products. A cam lock is available in many materials but in the steel drum and tote industry, it is commonly made of stainless steel or polypropylene. The camlock fittings are also called cam and groove because they consist of the male grooved connector, and a female cam, coupling together to form a tight seal. These cam and groove fittings can be used with different totes, tanks, and containers that hold different materials. Cam and groove fittings are an excellent choice for applications in low pressure fluid handling. These cam lock couplings connect quickly and conveniently by inserting the grooved coupling into the cam coupling and simply closing the camlock arms. This is the best and safest way to connect two pipes or hoses together because the tight seal is tight and leak preventative. Safety pins prevent the camlock arms from accidental disconnection during use. The cam lock has a cap which closes the tote or drum hole when not coupled with a hose.

Sizing Cam Lock Fittings

Available in a broad range of sizes and styles, cam & groove fittings are popular in a wide array of industries. Standard sizes for cam and groove fittings are 3/4″ up to 6″. Intermediate bulk containers commonly have 2″ pipe, so the 2″ diameter cam and groove is easy to find and buy. Often the camlock fittings on a tanker or tote will be 4”. One should have a size adapter available if they are running a 2” feeder line in lieu of a 4” line.

Camlock Fittings Usage

The cam lock couplings connect two pipes or hoses together by attaching the female camlock adapter to one end of the tube or hose, and the male end of the camlock to the attaching tube or hose and then pushing down the lock levers to create and hold a tight connection seal.

  • 1. Remove tote valve cam lock safety cap.
  • 2. Connect male camlock adaptor.
  • 3. Connect the female cam lock that’s attached to the 2″ hose to the male camlock adaptor on the tote.
  • 4. Lock camlock in place with the locking arms.

Applications for cam and groove fittings include petroleum handling, chemical processing, dry bulk handling, rail car unloading, agricultural, and water. These cam lock couplings are popular because of the quick connect design – it’s quick and easy to make a connection.

Interchangeable terminology for the Camlock


  • camlock
  • camlock fittings
  • cam lock
  • cam lock couplings
  • cam and grove
  • cam and grove fittings
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