Stainless Steel Tote Usage

What can Stainless Steel Totes be Used For?

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for heavy duty tote tanks, as it is incredibly durable and resists corrosion and rust better than carbon steel. Whether used in the storage of food stuffs like milk or wine, in the mixing of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, or in the manufacturing of complex polymers, stainless steel is the go-to for industries across the spectrum of the market.

Petroleum Tote Tanks
Stainless steel is a popular choice for the storage and transport of petroleum products. Stainless Steel Totes can be built above ground for easy access or below ground for secure containment. Underground storage tanks, used by industries, shipping companies, and agricultural entities, are structurally sound with single or double walls and polyurethane coatings to provide protection from corrosion or contamination by ground water or sewage. Portable stainless steel totes can be affixed to steel frames and used to transport petroleum from refineries or shipping containers to gas stations and businesses alike. The strength of the stainless steel tote keeps the petroleum contained and minimizes the likelihood of spills.

Mixing Totes
Chemical, pharmaceutical, and industrial companies have long chosen stainless steel totes for the metal’s durability and strength. a tote made of steel can withstand a good deal of abuse from mixing blades to heating and cooling. Chemists and pharmaceutical companies use very large scale totes to produce the largest batches of product possible, minimizing cross contamination and the risk of spills or accidents in transport; if the mixing tote is portable, operators are less exposed to potentially harmful chemicals and equally less likely to disturb the integrity of the chemical batch.

Food Storage Tanks
Preferred for its ability to maintain and regulate temperatures, stainless steel is the number one choice for bulk tanks and portable tanks for holding milk. Stainless steel has very hygienic properties when kept clean, and is very good at blocking contaminants from affecting the contents contained within. Thus it is often used for storage of solid and liquid food products. A stainless steel tote can come in all different sizes from 4 quart containers for personal delivery of fresh milk to several hundred gallons for storage of honey, water, or fruit juices.

Wine and Beer Totes
Unlike wood casks or barrels, stainless steel totes add no taste to liquids stored inside them. While some wines, beers, and liquors tout oaky tastes as a feature of the product, many breweries and wineries attempt to keep the taste of their goods unaffected by their storage unites. Stainless steel offers a long term storage option that can easily regulate temperature without the additional tastes of wood or age.

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Manufacturing Stainless Steel Totes

Polyurethane and polymer blends are incredibly versatile and used in everything from plastics to clothing to paints and adhesives. The manufacture of such complex substances involves the blending and mixing of reactant and active chemicals as well as stabilizers to protect the polymers from heat, light, and environmental contaminants. Stainless steel tote tanks help protect the polymers through every step of the process, allowing raw materials to be transported from storage area to processing plants without any detrimental exposure.

Stainless steel totes are the material of choice when purity and sterilization is key to storage or transport. Because it has a corrosive resistant finish and is capable of temperature regulating, stainless steel looks to remain the industry standard when it comes to commercial or industrial totes.

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