Tote Tank

Tote tanks are used for the storage and transportation of liquids. Rather than holding liquid in drums that are usually much smaller, and considering their cylindrical shapes are harder to transport and store due to curved sides, liquid is better stored in straight-edged, cubic or rectangular tote tanks. They can then be made larger, stored closer together, and stacked better, with less wasted space in storage, and are easier to tote. Tanks can be made in measurements to completely fill a transportation or storage space’s volume.

What Can A Tote Tank be Used For?

Easy to use, store, and tote, tanks can be used for sanitation waste, hazardous materials, automotive fluid storage, consumer goods like wine and food, and more; and are available in various types of steel, aluminum, polyethylene, and other materials.

A portable (or tote) tank can be made with an emphasis on greater strength to carry heavy loads, or small and light for ultra-portability. Typically, tote tanks are made for portability regardless of their construction or size, because storage during transportation is their primary purpose. Thus, a portable tank is another name for “intermediate bulk containers”, “tote tanks”, and “stainless steel totes”.
tote tanks

Uses for Tote Tanks

Many heavy-duty tote tanks are well suited to the storage of foodstuffs like milk or wine, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or even petroleum products; and for mixing of different products like polyurethane and plastics. You’ll find them used in RV sanitation waste, automotive fluid containment, paints and coatings, and industrial storage.