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Con-Tech – Global Parts Supplier Mastering American Tariff Regulations

As a global parts supplier specializing in imports for more than 35 years, Con-Tech’s strong relationships with global suppliers and manufacturers and our logistics expertise allow us to master the recent changes in American tariff regulations. Let’s break these down and address how we tackle some of the most important issues include sourcing, pricing, transportation,…Read More

Louisiana Imports and GSP Tariff Savings

  In the state of Louisiana for the year 2016, Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) imports totaled $228 million, with GSP tariff savings of $5.9 million. The 2017 year-to-date savings amount to $12 million, a substantial increase over the previous year. The lapse in the GSP cost Louisiana $1.4 million dollars in taxes during the…Read More

Generalized System of Preference (GSP)

GSP lulled to sleep by sleeping bag dispute Not about Georges St. Pierre tapping out – It’s U.S. companies being knocked out! Potential Loss of $577 Million Savings and American Jobs. The U.S. Generalized System of Preference (GSP) secures jobs and strengthens local companies by enabling them to be more competitive, while it also promotes…Read More