Pallets and Packaging Innovations

Pallets and Packaging Innovations

Keeping up with the latest news in manufacturing, steel, drums and supply chain management is a big undertaking, one Con-Tech is happy to tackle. Being a thought leader in our industries in hugely important to us, which is why our VPs, sales team and product managers are continuously meeting with industry leaders and taking courses on new technologies and standards that affect our suppliers and customers.

Recently, Con-Tech product manager Terry Mitchell, went back to school to attend Petroleum Packaging Council (PPC) Packaging College 101. Held at the latest PPC Fall Meeting in Savannah, Ga, this class allowed all PPC members to update themselves on packaging innovations, specifically to do with pallets and transporting materials and products.

Pallets are universally used for transportation by a wide variety of industries from plastic parts to greenery and plants. Wood product pallets used in shipping have their own set of rules, known as ISPM 15 Rules and special requirements, such as weather and infestation treatments and certifications to verify these requirements.  ISPM 15 rules relating to preventing the spread of plant pests and diseases throughout the world when shipping international ocean freight using packing materials and supply containing wood.  PPA members discussed challenges involved with shipping pallets and how best to address them.

The class also exchanged information on the use of metal versus plastic versus wood product pallets, as well as the effectiveness and costs involved with each. For example – using plastic etc. packing materials in your international shipping that do not contain wood, makes your international ocean freight shipment an exemption from ISPM 15 rules. Con-Tech continues to stay ahead of changes and innovations in the shipping and packaging industries.

Enjoy New Orleanian Irma Thomas as she sings a classic jazz standard about pallets!