Markets & Industries Respond to Health Concerns

The Coronavirus is causing some disruptions around the world and it can be felt in shipping, transportation, from suppliers to end users. The good news is, many experts say it will only cause a short disruption in trade and supply and demand for goods such as steel and aluminum, for example. We continue to work with partners in the Americas, to both supply and grow these markets.


Transportation & Exports

Many ports and transporation hubs are having to adjust their loads and logistics in response to changes in cargo shipments in and out of ports. The Port of New Orleans has felt a slight change, with a couple of China-based container ships cancelling calls. As one of the leading cruise ship ports, New Orleans has made sure to take extra precautions for its cruise passengers as well. However, we continue to be a leader in exports and imports of many goods, particularly those in energy-related industries.

Con-Tech’s Continuing Success

Thankfully, Con-Tech works with suppliers and manufacturers across the globe and has been able to continue to provide the same quality service and outsourcing of products that it has always offered. Our relationships with suppliers and partners go back decades, and we pride ourselves in being flexible and tenacious in bringing the best value to our customers.

Having a global parts supplier for outsource manufacturing is a logical alternative for companies that wish to avoid the time, costs, and problems of manufacturing themselves. Con-Tech handles all of your global parts supplier requirements so you do not have to divert limited resources away from your core product. And this eliminates the need for you to navigate the language barriers, cultural differences, fluctuating exchange rates and trade restrictions that can be so frustrating. Let us continue to help your company supply the parts and products it requires for business success!