Intermediate Bulk Containers

Convenient Product Transportation with Bulk Containers

For convenience of storage and shipping, intermediate bulk containers offer the best value and most efficient use of space. Not only are they large enough to be used in the transport of large amounts of goods and products, they are also easy to use, easy to store, and easy to reuse.

Intermediate Bulk Containers Are Sturdy Storage

Intermediate bulk containers are large cubic containers used for storing and transporting large amounts of fluid or solid materials. These containers can be made of cardboard, plastic, corrugated metal, or steel framed boxes with an emphasis on sturdy construction that can withstand stacking and holding often heavy materials. They are easily stacked in shipping containers for easy transportation and can be transported to trucks conveniently atop flat bottom bases via forklift. Bulk containers can be quite large, averaging almost five feet in height, and offering a great deal of internal storage space. However, because they are so large and can contain so much, these containers can be quite heavy.

Collapsible or Nestable

Many intermediate bulk containers are easily collapsed when empty or not in use. For models that collapse, the sides of the box fold down or are released, and lie across the bottom of the container. When expanded, these side walls are just as strong as those of static or non-collapsible boxes. Unique designs of bulk container side walls involve individual interlocking parts, internal straight wall struts, or merely expandable sides. Other designs involve nestable sets, so that empty containers can be stored within each other. These storage solutions allow commercial and industrial companies to preserve their storage space for full and in use containers, and not waste space with empty ones.


Bulk containers are also easily reused. Sterilized linings and bags are available to place inside larger containers, so bulk containers used to hold foods or liquids can do so without laborious cleaning and disinfecting of the original container. This allows companies to save money by retaining their heavy duty and durable containers and simply replacing the linings between storage. These bags are made of incredibly strong and durable plastics or fiber resins and can hold as much as the containers themselves.

Liquid Storage

Some intermediate bulk containers are designed specifically for liquid storage. They can be designed as polyethylene drums contained within a larger bulk rectangular container, as special liquid bags within a box, or as steel-enclosed tanks. There are dozens of different designs for liquid storage, but all bulk containers boast spill containment solutions like IBC closures, easy transport, and fill and empty processes. Because they can hold hundreds of gallons, these liquid storage containers are great for transportation of liquid products from manufacturing or processing locations to final packaging before distribution. This can save a company time and money by minimizing the amount of finished product transportation.

Intermediate bulk containers are often refurbished using replacement parts such as Voyager™ Bolted Portable Tank Fittings and Camlock Fittings.

Innovative designs allow for companies to safely and reliably ship precious cargo in intermediate bulk containers with little fear of spills, leaks, or damage to their products. Collapsible, reusable bulk containers are an efficient and cost effective means of storing and transporting large amounts of liquids, bulk packages, and food stuffs.