Portable Tank Choices

How to Choose a Tote Tank for your Needs

Tote tanks are used for the storage and transportation of liquids. Portable and easy to use and store, these tanks can be used for sanitation waste, hazardous materials, automotive fluid storage, and more; and are available in various types of steel, aluminum, polyethylene, and other materials. Choosing the right tote tank for your needs requires identifying the use for the tote tank, and determining the size and make of tank that’s made for that purpose.

RV Sanitation Waste
Travel in a recreation vehicle can be a lot of fun; it can also be a lot of work. Tote tanks can make the dirty job of sanitation and sewage containment easy and relatively painless. Portable tanks are useful for emptying full sewage containers on an RV without moving it, by hooking it up to a larger community sewage tank. Most tote tanks for RV sanitation should be high-quality polyethylene containers, and should come equipped with sewer hoses, adapters, caps, and a gray water connection hose. It is also possible to find tote tanks that fit easily under an RV, equipped with wheels, so sewage can be wheeled away to be disposed of properly.

Automotive Fluid Containment
Garages use a number of liquids that must be stored and disposed of properly, including oil, antifreeze, and lubricants. A tote tank in the garage can make automotive fluid containment easy. Any tank used to store these fluids should use UL rated food grade polyethylene, which will resist corrosion and help prevent contamination of the fluids. The tank should come complete with gauges to indicate volume. Stackable tote tanks may also be useful in saving space in an otherwise crowded garage.

Paints and Coatings
Portable tanks can be very useful for large commercial projects involving paints and coatings. Because they can hold so much liquid and are easily moved from one place to another, these large bulk containers allow a painter to mix larger batches of a paint color and transport the liquid all at once to the on-site location. Polyethylene tanks will provide the needed support for storage, but for any large scale mixing, a tank with a carbon or stainless steel frame may be needed to ensure stability and structural integrity.

Tote Tanks for Industrial Storage

Larger companies may find great use in a much larger carbon steel or aluminum steel cage tote tank that can hold the equivalent of ten 55-gallon drums. These larger tanks can be used for mixing batches of chemicals used in cleaning, for storing concrete mixtures, or even to hauling non-potable water. Many companies may use tote tanks for one-time food storage and be unable to use them again for the same purpose due to safety regulations. They may get sold for re-use as storage for some other substance where contamination is not an issue.

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Choosing the right portable tank depends on the individual’s unique needs. Whether greater strength is needed to carry heavy loads or portability is more important, there is a tote tank that’s just right for the job.