Using Brass Ball Valves

Using Brass Ball Valves to Draw Out Liquids and Gases Safely

From shut off valves to oil tank releases, ball valves are vitally important to a number of commercial and industrial systems. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, ball valves are used in everything from residential hot water heaters to oil tankers. Used as tank valves, brass ball valves allow a company to safely and carefully transport even the most toxic materials without worry of leaks or spills.

What are Ball Valves?

Ball valves use a spherical disc to regulate flow through pipes. This disc has a hole through the middle of it, through which the liquid flows. When the valve is opened, flow is completely unrestricted, but when the valve is closed, nothing can get through the pipe. These valves are favored for use in shutoff mechanisms as they block completely the flow of liquid in even very high pressures and temperatures. It is important to note that because ball valves shut off all flow, any pressure behind the valve will be retained and released when the flow is resumed.

Tank Valves for Industrial Transport

Anyone transporting liquids or gases knows the importance of maintaining control of those substances. Add to that the complication of those substances being toxic or hazardous and the amount of certainty that those materials not leak becomes even more important. Proper tools and procedures as well as the best and most reliable equipment can make the transport and transfer of these substances from one container to another seamless and accident free. That is why a tank should have reliable and tested tank valves that can prevent stem leakage and can manage any built up pressure within the tank itself, be they liquid or gas or both.

Regulating Flow
Ball valves are favored as shut-offs because of their unique design. Other types of tank valves obstruct the flow of liquids and gases with a directly applied flat disc over top a pipe; they can often fail when extreme pressure dangerously and often violently forces that disc open. Ball valves’ spherical design prevents this from happening, as the spherical disc is embedded completely within the pipe’s flow. This makes them blowout proof as they are more durable and stronger against rapidly moving and pressurized substances. They are also quick and easy to use, requiring only a single movement to open or shut the valve, allowing an individual to immediately release or cease flow.

Why Use Brass Ball Valves?

Brass ball valves are even more proof against the dangers of blowout because of the unique physical characteristics of brass itself. As a substance, brass is incredibly strong; it resists corrosion better than steel when exposed to steam, oil, and gas. Brass does not burn and maintains its shape and strength in high temperature and pressure situations. It is also almost completely impermeable, keeping the goods protected from contaminants such as germs, air, or even ultra-violet rays.

For all of these reasons, brass ball valves make reliable tank valves, allowing companies to reliably and confidently transport dangerous or precious cargo without fear of leaks or blowouts.