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Con-Tech – Global Parts Supplier Mastering American Tariff Regulations

As a global parts supplier specializing in imports for more than 35 years, Con-Tech’s strong relationships with global suppliers and manufacturers and our logistics expertise allow us to master the recent changes in American tariff regulations. Let’s break these down and address how we tackle some of the most important issues include sourcing, pricing, transportation,…Read More

How Can I Get Parts Made for Me?

Do you wonder, “How can I get parts made for me?” If one needs a part, prototype, or product made it would be very costly in time, manpower, equipment, and tooling to get up and running to make it. Hiring someone else to make it is both the solution and another problem because knowing where…Read More

Outsource Manufacturing

Who Saves With Outsourced Manufacturing? iPhones, computers, the clothes you wear, they’re all examples of outsourced manufacturing. Outsourcing the production of brands and labels to somewhere other than their owners’ facilities is done commonly, usually to save money. Let’s face it, we all like to save money. Most of us NEED to. So, as a…Read More

Benefits of Outsourcing

If you reduce your expenses by outsourcing, and if your sales remain the same, you’ll have more money that can be better spent on marketing, debt reduction, research and development, office salaries, and other areas that can help improve your bottom line. Savings can be derived from lower labor costs, less expensive tooling, shorter set-up…Read More

Outsourced Custom Manufacturers

As one embarks on the string of arduous tasks associated with finding and contracting custom manufacturers overseas, they typically discover that it takes approximately 12 months from the beginning of their investigation to successfully outsource manufacturers of a part or product. In that amount of time, the opportunity to bring the part or product to…Read More

Partner Up For Mutual Manufacturing Success

Whether you have a company already producing goods and are consider producing others, or are not making anything yet and wondering how you can, you should consider the following. Rather than sacrificing something like the cost or quality of goods in a way that might tarnish your company or product’s name, or the time to…Read More

Can Anyone Be A Manufacturer Now?

The World Wide web has contributed to the evolution of many industries, and created new ones; manufacturing is no exception. Manufacturing directories online like ThomasNet, manufacturing knowledge sharing sites are available, and communities like local-motors have popped up and they all contribute to the extension of manufacturing down to individuals and smaller production runs. Some…Read More

Time To Outsource Manufacturing

Outsourcing Manufacturing Outsource manufacturing is often done two different ways: With one-off items, and with Contract manufacturing agreements. Outsourcing manufacturing for one-time items is ideal when the team that you normally have manufacture your products or goods simply can’t handle the workload for that specific item, or when it’s a new item and you cannot…Read More

Contract Manufacturers Versus Profit

Contract manufacturing, or outsourcing manufacturing, is very commonly done domestically, but overseas contract manufacturers save money. …Read More