Keeping Up with the Coronavirus

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Though this quarantine may provide many with more leisure time to do things like “Keep Up with Kardashians”, many companies are doing their best to keep employees employed, factories and plants producing, essential materials rolling and business doors open. Being aware of changes in policies, of new mandates, of suppliers’ abilities and just who is and isn’t essential is extremely helpful in surviving and even thriving during COVID 19. Con-Tech is in constant contact with its suppliers, customers and manufacturers in the U.S. and across the globe. We continue to monitor progress, build new supply chains and stay abreast of changes that affect our business.

Many of our suppliers in China and Taiwan are back to business. Some are committed to running longer hours in order to meet production demands. Con-Tech is working with suppliers in Latin and South America to deliver materials and goods that our customers need. Our customers are keeping us busy and we are grateful for their support and their business. Our staff are working from home, conducting meetings digitally and our warehouse staff are able to continue to ship and receive parts, while maintaining and practicing mandatory health and safety protocols, as issued by the CDC.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, there will be some delays with shipping and delivering materials during this time. Production of many products has been delayed, leading to massive changes and adjustments for the shipping industry. Our experienced staff have planned ahead and are working with their contacts to move materials as early, as quickly and as safely as possible.

For help with your business needs, Con-Tech is a logical alternative for companies that wish to avoid the time, cost, staff, machinery and facility costs of manufacturing themselves and need supply chain management capabilities. Contact us by calling 1-504-523-4785, emailing or clicking the RFQ button.