Moving Product – Warehouse Spotlight

Con-Tech warehouse manager Adrian Lee moves products and parts.

Con-Tech Warehouse Manager Adrian Lee runs a tight ship overseeing our two New Orleans-area facilities. Regardless of the challenges in this difficult time, Adrian and his staff have been exceptionally busy over the past two months moving forward with moving product, parts and accessories and shipping and receiving items from around the globe to customers worldwide.

Ensuring our staff have all the support they need to do their job is of the greatest importance to us.We know that investing in warehouse equipment, tools and staff is essential to a company’s success and safety. That is why Con-Tech has purchased new machines and materials to help make our warehousing process more streamlined and efficient.

With plenty of space to keep distanced, our warehouse staff have divided up responsibilities that allow them to safely receive and ship items, without interruption to the work flow. Following CDC protocols means masks on, gloves on and plenty of hand washing and sanitizing. The Con-Tech warehouse staff have implemented all required procedures.

“Due to Covid-19 ,we don’t come in direct contact with the drivers. We make sure we wash and sanitize after every transaction and wear a mask when talking to the drivers,” says Lee.

During the pandemic, our warehouse staff have been exceedingly busy with an increase in volume during March and April. An increased workload during a stressful time has been a challenge our staff have accepted with grace. We are proud to globally source diverse products to meet all our customers’ procurement outsourcing needs and have an extensive range of industries to work with.

“We are so proud of all of the Con-Tech team, especially our warehouse staff, for their tremendous efforts in making Con-Tech successful. We are so thankful for their professionalism in the face of adverse conditions,” says Barbara Evans, Con-Tech’s President and CEO.

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