Why Use Just In Time Delivery for Your Business?

Con-Tech is proud to share its many resources, such as our Product and “How To” videos, along with white papers, articles, a glossary of terms and more. In our most recent e-newsletter for July 2020, we talk briefly about Just-In-Time Delivery (JIT) which is used for a wide variety of industrial packaging such as 55-gallon steel drums, IBC’s, tote tanks, plastic containers, steel, and diverse products for the petrochemical, marine, automotive and other industries. The numerous industries using JIT for their industrial packaging needs makes clear how broad the JIT opportunities really are.

Much has been written about the advantages of JIT. JIT benefits are substantial as you only receive the goods when you need them for outgoing orders. Thus, JIT allows customers to realize savings on inventory costs, warehouse space, and related personnel.

Key 1-Analysing Whether JIT Satisfies Your Packaging Needs

JIT customers enjoy enhanced profits as you direct resources to products for which end users express more regular, immediate needs. JIT also facilitates speedier order fulfillment, a key feature in today’s world with growing demand for same- and next-day delivery and other features. So, an effective JIT program both eliminates waste and enhances customer satisfaction. A well-run JIT system for all of your packaging needs also prevents unsold packaging items from remaining on shelves. And, it lowers manufacturing costs as a result.

But JIT requires careful planning and effective oversight. It may be tempting to forego the expensive purchasing of materials before they are needed. Or to eliminate the physical expansion and the costs involved to satisfy growing demand. But that is not the complete picture in making your JIT decision.

Key 2-Implementing Effective JIT Oversight

No one can realize the benefits of JIT unless they are committed to making the system work. Understanding your JIT goals and implementing an effective program requires time and thought. This involves teaming up with the right JIT partner to implement your JIT objectives and developing an
effective partnership.

Key 3-Working with the Right JIT Partner

You should find an experienced JIT partner that is flexible and responsive. Look for a partner that keeps close contact with both customers like you and the marketplace at large. Throughout the JIT process, your JIT partner should streamline your purchase and delivery experience with consistent and reliable service. Look for a partner who will meet your expectations, help you accurately forecast and meet your demands in a timely fashion.
Your JIT partner should pay attention to detail and use their knowledge of your industry wisely. Look for a JIT partner that is tenacious and thrifty and who stays with you every step of the process from order and production to import and delivery.

Key 4- Going Global

When you look towards global suppliers, you open a wide range of possibilities. A first-class Americanglobal supplier likely will likely have long-standing relationships with numerous foreign manufacturers
throughout the world. You have the ease of working with a domestic company with the benefits ofworking with many foreign countries and manufacturers.

The right global supplier works with manufacturers which have already made investments in the areas you need. They will have lean manufacturing systems, many of which have technological advancements,
safety protocols and expertise in the needed product areas.
They should offer a wide range of products which are diversely sourced from manufacturers throughout the world. They will have contacts where your products are commonly made, at a better price and more
cost-effectively made in many instances than domestically sourced products.

Many times, the special knowledge, technology or equipment needed for certain products is beyond your abilities. And the costs for developing this expertise can be prohibitive. But the right global supplier will know exactly where to go. Using a global supplier also allows you to take advantage of business cycles. You can order according to your schedule and ask the supplier to manufacture according to your schedule.

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