Manufacturing Sector Keeps Adding Jobs

 Employment in the US is up, especially in some manufacturing sectors. Manufacturing companies in the U.S. added 29,000 jobs last month, slightly beating the sector’s last pre-pandemic employment numbers in February 2020. Employment in the economy overall rose by 372,000 jobs as the employment rate and labor force participation rate—3.6% and 62.2%, respectively—remained stable.

U.S. manufacturing companies currently employ, according to the latest, preliminary numbers, about 12,797,000 people. That’s about 2,000 more people than the 12,795,000 who worked in manufacturing as of February 2020 before employment in the industry started its nosedive by losing 48,000 manufacturing workers in March.

With so much demand and challenges with respect to logistics and transportation, news of higher employment and new jobs added to the economy is good news. The large transportation equipment durable goods sector added the most jobs of any manufacturing sector with 7,200 new jobs, about 2,100 of which were in automobiles and parts.

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