Sustainability = Future of Manufacturing Success

Climate change is real and it’s having devastating effects on our planet and our future. We are constantly bombarded with negative stories about climate disasters, resulting in many of us questioning what exactly we can do to make change for the better. The good news is, we can affect change.

Thankfully, the demand for better, more green and sustainable products and processes is a reality and manufacturers, suppliers and sellers are paying attention. Consumers are leading the way, demanding for better manufacturing practices, greener products and cleaner environments. As my colleague and marketing legend Deborah Weinstein so rightly says “We’ve entered a time zone with NEW emphasis on the triple bottom line starring people, planet, and profits. A business or brand’s commitment to ESG — Environmental, Social, and Governance — has become an essential part of who you are, and how you are judged.” And judgments reflect sales.

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of participating in (listening and learning, honestly) to an excellent webinar entitled “Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Organic Barrier Coatings”. Hosted by the folks at, this informative session discussed the ways in which change can be implemented not just in the paper packaging industry, but in the packaging industry in general.

The data presented was disheartening and enlightening at the same time. It revealed some of the biggest challenges facing the packaging industry and manufacturing, and how we can combat these by implementing disruptive changes through innovation. Requiring a mind shift not just on the manufacturing side but also on the consumption side, this presentation took a deep dive with creative ideas on how to make this happen.

Con-Tech works with many of the top drum manufacturers and drum reconditioners around the world, providing parts and accessories that make their products safe and secure. We are proud to know that so many of our customers have made sustainability commitments and that organizations such as the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association (RIPA) have created mandates that address sustainability.

Here at home in New Orleans, we are updating our facilities to use less energy, be more efficient and create better workspaces for our team. We’ve implemented new systems that are close to paperless and strive to purchase and consume products that are more sustainable. They may be small steps, but they are meaningful to us and to our partners and most importantly, to our planet.