Shipping News – Beyond the Water, Behind the Scenes

Supply Chain Management

There has been lots of movement on the waters in 2021 with importing and exporting goods and with freight and shipping reaching new numbers in terms of cargo, pricing and capacity. It seems there is a new update every week on rates, on record-busting capcity numbers and on mergers and acquisitions. Con-Tech makes it a point to stay on top of shipping and freight news so that we can offer our customers the best prices and the most current details on when they can expect their products.

One of the biggest news items in this industry is the title for largest container line. It seems with all of its activity purchasing second-hand tonnage, Meditteranean Shipping Company (MSC) is set to become the largest container line in the world, overtating Maersk sometime in 2021. Both companies have seen record capacities this past year, challenges with logistics and ports across the globe. The traffic jam in the Suez Canal comes to mind and some importers are still scrambling to catch up in terms of moving products. Thankfully, our suppliers have been able to work around so many challenges!

Here at home, we are happy to note that money has been alloted to improve Gulf South ports, including our own Port of New Orleans. Funds have been set aside for improvements that will make importing and exporting goods more efficient. The SmartPort Initiative is designed to streamline operations and improve safety through real-time data shared by port administrators, tenants, shippers, and warehouse, cargo and ground transportation providers.

The Con-Tech team has been able to strike the right balance between ordering early, ordering enough and planning for the future, and continue to have products on the water and on their way to our customers and warehouses. With decades of experience working with manufacturers and suppliers around the world, our sales managers know who to contact for the best quality goods. Our customers have stayed with us and understand the complexities of moving products across the globe.

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