Steel Market Headed for Change. Again.

Con-Tech has ridden the steel market roller coaster with as much steadiness as possible. Finding quality products at fair prices has always been the top priority of our sales team and finding available steel over the past two years has definitely been a challenge we’ve risen to.

Well, there is finally some good news with respect to steel prices from experts in the industry who say steel prices are ready to recede. The question that is being currently debated is whether the drop will be drastic or gradual. According to steel experts, the consensus is that change is coming regardless of how.

Steel users think a decline in steel prices is near. Steel Market Update’s mid-September survey of manufacturer and service center executives shows that 80% believe hot-rolled steel prices already have or will peak within $50 of the current average sometime before the end of this year.

Con-Tech’s history dictated its expansion into the steel market in an organic fashion. With roots in the cooperage business going back a century, providing the actual raw material for steel drums and other products was a natural progression that happened quickly after the company started. Today, we supply closures, fittings and other products and materials to some of the largest drum manufacturers in the world.

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