Finding a Global Manufacturer

Finding a Global Manufacturer

The runaway global manufacturing trend, the new ease with which one can find a global manufacturer, and the perils of trying to find a good global manufacturer. Enable your company to compete, unrestricted. Increase profits. Think globally, but do so with care.

Why Global Manufacturing?

Expand profitability beyond the constraints of geography. Think global. Manufacturing plants that are local to richer nations, are also the most expensive to those nations. A company could perhaps initially think that expanding their business to include a global manufacturer would be logistically too difficult, or financially too expensive. Contrarily, to squeeze the last bit of revenue out of their merchandise, procurement sourcing a global manufacturer offshore is the best thing companies in richer countries can do. Let’s look into procurement services.

Finding a Global Manufacturer

Who wants to endure a flight around the world just to scout for a global manufacturer? Imagine the cost of travel, adding to the time, planning, and effort spent just to get overseas. Once there, how would a company representative locate all of the candidates capable of handling the necessary production? How long would the scout have to be over there, and at what expense? Light bulb! One might think that the Web has solved the international travel and global manufacturer search problem.

Global Manufacturing Perils

Resorting to the Internet to search for global manufacturing from overseas is the trend nowadays, but a highly risky one. A Global manufacturing scout has to watch out for felons that thrive online masquerading as legitimate firms. These online culprits exploit the searchers’ need to find a global manufacturer from afar, and are quite sneaky at extracting money from companies that don’t think they have an alternative, have given up on finding that alternative, or are just plain risk takers by nature. Furthermore, not all suppliers manufacture your specific part. How would one request a global manufacturer in a foreign language to customize a part, and relay the exact specifications? Diligent, safe companies can discern which of these international sourcing websites, and which user profiles therein, could sincerely represent the best global manufacturing that can be trusted to cater to their needs. It is so difficult to be sure that you are communicating with a genuine company that can or will serve your purpose to the best of their ability and skills, if they even have that ability or those skills.

These days, it is common for companies to be duped into believing that paying for a manufacturer or vendor verification with some exorbitant fee is one of the customary phases of procuring a global manufacturer. Some global sourcing firms represent, or testify on behalf of, global manufacturers that are really only a person in an apartment who bought their fake supplier or global manufacturer status, rather than earned it. This is a fact that was proven in February 2011, by some previously high ranking executives and employees of a high profile online company that was deemed by many to be reputable, but was supporting (even promoting), fraud. It is apparent that seeking to outsource to a global manufacturer by worldwide web search is as risky as the possibility of being taken advantage of in person while visiting trade shows, or falling victim to phone solicitation scams. You can’t trust the real manufacturers in person, and you can’t trust the online sources that claim to weed out the untrustworthy manufacturers. What a conundrum.

The ways to fall victim to global manufacturing fraud

  • Worldwide sourcing websites;
  • Confidence men and women posing as manufacturers or wholesalers;
  • Fake verification services;
  • False verification of the supplier’s validity;
  • Suppliers lying about their capability;
  • Real manufacturers that don’t meet your needs but don’t accept responsibility;
  • Goods never being shipped;
  • Phone sales scams;
  • Fraudulent email solicitations;
  • Fast talking global manufacturing representatives at trade shows.

It must be implanted in the minds of people who are looking forward to having their own global manufacturer, that one has to have significant means, finances, and resources to diligently investigate any number of contract manufacturing companies with which they may outsourcing manufacturing. Hiring a third party, an international sourcing specialist in global manufacturing, to personally check on the self-professed global manufacturer to make sure of its legitimacy and quality control capabilities. Having someone with long-term, trusted contacts in that foreign country to periodically visit the global manufacturer to see how they fare can ease the wait and lessen the distance in time and geography between procurement and the delivery. Often local companies from richer nations end up purchasing from those offshore that are not reliable, and either receiving shipments late, in poor condition, or not receiving them at all, after a rush to sign a global manufacturing contract. Supply chain management in the world market is mandatory.

Legal Responsibility of a Global Manufacturer

Always remember that there can be no legal remedy for transactions that are made overseas and you must hope for the best and know how to arm yourself against global manufacturer fraud. There are a lot of blunders that could be encountered in your search for a global manufacturing solution that is fit for your specifications

Enable your company to compete, unrestricted. Increase profits. Think globally, but do so with care.

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