Fishing Boat Parts

Essential Boat Fittings for a Fishing Boat

Every good fisherman knows he or she needs a few essential boat fittings to have the perfect fishing boat. The tackle box, bait, rods and reels are a given, but there are a few things you don’t want to leave the harbor without.

Boat Parts for Safety

It is important that any boat out in the water, whether it’s in a lake or far off shore for some deep sea fishing, should be equipped with the appropriate and required safety equipment. These can be stowable items such as life jackets, visual distress signals, and fire extinguishers, but there are many other boat parts designed to maximize a fisher’s safety. The boat should be equipped with regulation navigation lights for inclement weather or night fishing. There should also be reliable and marine ready towing lines for any unfortunate engine failure; each boat should also have well-fitted boat cleats along the edges of the deck, so the towing lines have good purchase on the boat itself; and sturdy mooring bits for safe docking.

Engine Fittings
Minimally, it is of vital importance to pay attention to the most important of boat parts: the engine fittings. Too many recreational boat owners ignore the vital parts of their engines, resulting in flooded fuel lines, loose hoses, and dead engines at sea. Thru-hull exhaust fittings can help prevent water flowing back into the exhaust system of the boat when it is idling. Separator filters will help keep water out of the fuel tank, preventing costly engine repairs down the road. Fuel hoses should be replaced at the first sign of corrosion, tears, or wear. Staying on top of the engine’s parts will help keep any outing enjoyable and problem free.

Fittings for Comfort and Enjoyment
For anyone who is about to spend a good deal of time in a boat, either fishing or enjoying the open air and water, seating can be one of the most important boat fittings a boater deals with. Secured and bolted down lounge seats are common with most boats, but they may not be ideal for fishers who need a bit more mobility in their seating. Installing new pedestals, seat mounts, and swivel seats can add more comfort to a fishing experience. Installing a bimini top can also add comfort by introducing shade. Easy release hinges can make putting up or taking the bimini top down quick and easy, and are equally easy to install.

Fishing Equipment
Finally, the most important boat fittings for that perfect fishing trip are dedicated to the fishing itself. Rod holders can be installed anywhere on the boat’s edges, making it easy to have multiple lines in the water. Likewise an installed bait board can minimize the mess of cutting bait or filleting fish. Requiring a bit more work, an under floor tank or hatch can make a huge storage difference for the proficient fisherman. This allows caught fish to be stored out of sight until the end of the day. Also, built in tackle storage is recommended, with places for lures, jigs, and spinners and any other equipment needed.

There are many ways to fit out the perfect fishing boat for each individual. With the essential boat fittings taken care of, individuals can then use their imaginations to find the boat parts that make fishing a wonderful experience every time.

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